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A 40-minute Hatha Yoga Session

A 40-minute Hatha Yoga Session can be the perfect way to slow down and reconnect with your body and mind. Hatha Yoga focuses on gentle movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that help promote balance and harmony within.

Woman Doing Hand Heart Sign

In this gentle and nurturing 30-minute Hatha yoga class, we will center our practice around cultivating self-love during the lovely month of February.

As we move through a series of poses and flows, let us focus on honoring and cherishing ourselves just as we are. Through mindful breathing and gentle movements, we will create space to connect with our inner selves and embrace the love that resides within us.

Join me on the mat as we celebrate self-love and invite a sense of peace and compassion into our hearts and minds. Let’s breathe, stretch, and spread love to ourselves in this soothing yoga practice.