6 Reasons why Bali is the BEST Destination for a Yoga Teacher Training


The first reason Bali is the BEST Destination for a Yoga Teacher Training is because of the spirituality wrapped within the land of Bali. 

You can just feel it in the air, it feels safe, grounding, and other worldly. Have you ever felt such a strong pull to somewhere in the world and you don’t really know why? This is what I am talking about.

 Especially, if you’re about to dive into some DEEP INNER WORK and DEEP YOGA PRACTICE you are going to want to feel safe and protected

  • Spirituality
  • Connection
  • Surrendering to the unknown
  • Feeling safe

Picture this: You’re in the heart of a forest, breathing in the freshest of air, perfect for your yogi soul to thrive!

That’s precisely why this is the second reason Bali is the BEST destination for a yoga teacher training!

During the training in Bali you will be cramming information in such a short period of time, whether it be physically demanding or mentally demanding you will be able to stop for a moment and look around you.

Hear the rain, hear the insects humming, and the forest trees moving in the wind. A meditation in its purest form.

  • Heart of the forest
  • One with nature, full immersion
  • Purest form of a meditation when practice gets overwhelming
  • Disconnected from the real world

The third reason why Bali is the BEST Destination for a Yoga Teacher Training is due to the like-minded individuals you’ll meet throughout the program

Connecting with fellow trainees who share your passion for yoga and find a sense of community that will last long after your training is complete. A lot of people decide to go to a yoga training or a yoga retreat during times of rediscovery, need for connections or relatability.

  • Like-minded individuals who share the same passion
  • Connection and relatability 
  • Community
  • Rediscovery and lasting friendships

Bali is one of my favorite destinations, and the fourth reason is how affordable it is to visit

Aside from the cost of the training, you can explore the town and discover the wonderful coffee shops, yoga studios and restaurants during your free time without breaking the bank.

One of the major advantages of Bali’s cost-effective lifestyle is the abundance of affordable massage packages available

You’ll be grateful for these deals once you realize how much yoga and sitting you’ll be doing during lectures. So, make sure to take advantage of as many massages as possible!

  • Explore the town without breaking the bank
  • Low-cost yoga classes at studios around Bali
  • Low-cost massage packages 
  • Affordable restaurants and coffee shops

Say goodbye to the same old teachings you’ve heard before, because the magic of Bali brings an authenticity that’ll leave you in awe.

The fifth reason why Bali is the BEST Destination for a Yoga Teacher training is due to the authentic teachings you won’t find back in your hometown. Aside from the yoga practice, you will learn deep meditation practices that will leave your body feeling energized and refreshed. 

One example I have is during our training, we participated in a powerful meditation exercise that involved maintaining eye contact with a classmate for 5-10 minutes.

Although this can be intimidating, especially with someone you’ve just met, the benefit is that it allows you to truly see and be seen. This exercise left a lasting impression on me and still gives me chills to this day.

A philosophy teacher will guide you through the Yamas and Niyamas, incorporating personal experiences to help illustrate this ancient yogic system.

Therefore, create a more authentic practice guiding with your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Authenticity and what that looks like to YOU
  • Practices that allow you to truly see others and be seen without judgment
  • Insights from Ancient Yogic Teachings of the Eastern World
  • Achieving Inner Harmony: connecting your Mind, Body, and Spirit

In Bali, spirituality is a way of life, and the land is sacred to its people. The sixth reason to come to Bali for your teacher training is to experience this unique culture. 

The streets of Bali are adorned with offerings, and incense lit herbs can be found on every doorstep, adding to the spiritual ambiance.

The significance of Balinese Hinduism is embedded in the Balinese culture, which holds a crucial belief that the spirit influences the elements of Mother Nature.

While in Bali, you can experience your yoga training in this magical setting, making your experience even more rewarding and enriching.

Imagine celebrating your birthday in Bali, walking to a hidden coffee shop through a shallow walkway along a river and a cliff, overlooking the city. You can enjoy a latte while journaling in the beautiful café. Bali is a magical place that you must experience for yourself.

  • Beliefs that spirit influences mother nature
  • Little hidden coffee shops in the forest along a cliff overlooking the city
  • The streets of Bali are adorned with offerings
  • Spiritual ambiance 

How could you make this a reality in your life?

Comment below if you have taken a teacher training in Bali and can relate! 🙂

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