Why I went from being a Talented Cake Artist to a Brand New Yoga Instructor

Asking yourself the tough questions

At a certain point, it’s crucial to confront the tough questions. Reflect on whether your current lifestyle truly benefits you and consider if, in five years, this is still the life you aspire to have.

Consider the significant personal growth that occurs during your twenties. It’s a time of self-discovery, setting boundaries, and mastering the art of saying no.

The turning point

I’ve achieved some incredible goals in this phase of my life. I am proud of the person I’ve evolved into to conquer these goals. I made significant sacrifices to work with the top celebrities and agencies in Los Angeles and achieve these remarkable milestones.

There came a moment when I realized I was sacrificing my personal life. Some days, I wished I could escape by turning off my phone. I sensed burnout approaching as I struggled to keep up with demanding high-end event orders.

Burn out

My mind and body were signaling that it was time for a change. Despite seeking guidance on growing a larger business, I discovered through my life coach that what I truly desired was a peaceful, stress-free life. It was unexpected, considering my initial coaching intentions.

My Hero’s Journey

Embarking on My Hero’s Journey began when I realized that baking was not my lifelong career path. It was a period of deep mourning and challenging years as I grappled with my identity. Questions flooded my mind – what now? How would others perceive me? Amidst the uncertainty, the driving force was the realization that the high-stress life was no longer my calling. I embarked on a quest to find a career that resonated with my future self. Embracing the lifestyle of a yoga instructor felt like a genuine fit at a fundamental level. With no concrete plans, I impulsively flew to Bali, storing my belongings and leaving my home behind to start a fresh chapter upon my return from Bali.

Two years later, fast forward…

I am now a certified Yoga Instructor, it’s now marking two wonderful years with my partner, who treats me better than anyone I have ever known. We share a peaceful life in our home with our kitten, Luke. This accomplishment means more to me than anything I have achieved.

My upbringing involved living in 15 different homes in just 10 years, unaware that creating a peaceful life was an option. Slowing down has allowed incredible things to unfold. I am thankful for these experiences and wouldn’t change a thing. Every day brings new lessons, and I am focused on building a meaningful and mindful life, steering away from the fast-paced toxic lifestyle that wasn’t serving me well.

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