Navigating Career Change: Practical Tips for Aligning with Your Values

Navigating Career Change: Practical Tips for Aligning with Your Values

Discovering Your Values

Let’s take a moment before we dive into this topic – have you ever considered what your values are?


Remember when we were in school and were advised to choose a career that we would be doing for the rest of our lives?

 Most of us choose our career path based on what looked interesting or cool to us at that time

However, as we grow older, we change and develop into different versions of ourselves.

Therefore, it is completely natural to have questions about your career path and to find yourself here, reading this blog post.

Whether you’re contemplating quitting your job or simply exploring other options, it’s important to be kind to yourself throughout the process.

These helpful tips can offer guidance and support during a potentially stressful time, so you can feel more confident about your future.


Establishing a Non-Negotiable List: Start by identifying the valuable factors in your life, then create a list of non-negotiables.

EXAMPLE #1: Your top values are family and relationships 

If your current job demands that you work during the holidays and isn’t flexible enough to accommodate important life events, it may be time to reconsider your options.

While every career requires some level of sacrifice, missing out on significant moments can be distressing. Remember, there are many alternative career paths that share your same priorities of family values.

EXAMPLE #2: Your top values are health and fitness

Working for a soda company that promotes unhealthy living can be a challenging ethical dilemma. Encouraging customers to purchase products that you wouldn’t consume yourself can be difficult.

What is most important to you: your job or your personal values?

EXAMPLE #3: Your top values are honesty and integrity

Can you imagine being in sales and having to deceive clients just to make a sale or profit?

This can be difficult especially when it comes to selling insurance or products that may not be as amazing as you promise.

What is non-negotiable for you?


Considering the amount of time you’ll dedicate to your career, it’s essential that you enjoy what you do.

It may seem obvious, but when you’re applying for jobs or creating a new career path, ask yourself if it’s something you can truly see yourself doing.

Don’t just focus on the salary and the benefits it offers. Take some time to reflect on this idea and see if it aligns with your values.


It’s normal to have considered many different career options throughout your lifetime.

However, it’s essential to give yourself the opportunity to try out everything that you’ve ever wished to do. It may seem daunting, but set aside a three-month timeline for each career path and observe whether it brings you closer or farther away from your ultimate goals. Who knows?

This experience may inspire you and lead you to your dream job, which you never even considered before.

#5. Staying Focused in Our Fast-Paced World

Living in our fast-paced world, we tend to demand quick results.

However, it’s important to remember that taking small steps each day will eventually lead to something greater. Don’t become discouraged if your goals don’t come to fruition overnight.

Consistency and patience are key to achieving success.

My personal experience:

Discovering My True Calling: A Personal Journey

After graduating high school, I enrolled in culinary school to pursue a career in baking. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and some of my friends were also attending culinary school, so I thought it was a good idea. It wasn’t until nine months into the program that I found my niche in custom cakes and desserts.

Fast forward ten years, and I realized that I was struggling to maintain my image of success. Although everyone thought I was happy and thriving, I was doing the opposite. My core values were family, health, and having free time, but I found myself with no time for anything other than baking. I was putting my career ahead of everything I valued, leading me to self-sabotage everything good in my life.

After a lot of reflection, I finally decided to quit my baking career and pursue my passion of teaching yoga and traveling. This decision allowed me to focus on nourishing my relationships and prioritizing my values.

My ah ha moment:

I distinctly remember a trip to the grocery store where I separated my personal items from my baking ingredients. As I placed my fruits and vegetables in the front of the cart and my sugar, butter, and other baking items in the back, I realized a profound truth. While I was nourishing myself with wholesome foods, my clients were consuming unhealthy ingredients that contradicted my personal values and integrity. This moment tested my values and forced me to reevaluate my priorities.

If you’re feeling lost in your career path, I hope that my story can offer some guidance to help you reassess your values and align them with your professional aspirations.

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Wishing you all the best on your journey towards a fulfilling career!

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